On the midnight of November 18, 2010; 1 hour before my 23rd birthday, I turned off my handphone.. and purposely disconnected myself from the world for 6 hours. For what?  To review and reflect on my life…

23 years in life is very important to me. I wanted to review if I am a good person, an excellent person, or a great person? Or none of those at all…?

I spent 6 hours from 18 Nov night to find out the answer…

Finally, I found it. I found that I am not one of those.. so many people are better, more excellent or greater than I… 🙂

After more thinking, I finally conclude that the most important thing in life is not to be any of those, but how you find your meaning in life and live that meaning.. Being excellent, good or great are only bonuses.. 😉


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